UX Research for Complex Back Navigation in ecommerce apps

Introduction Problem: There's a need to simplify the complex backward navigation problem in smartphone applications, especially ecommerce applications. Consider a user flow in a complex app where a user is navigating from one screen to another. It becomes complicated when the user has to click back button several times to go back to a specific page.

FaceMeeting App Redesign Concept

FaceMeeting App Redesign Concept is an elegant, modern take with a fresh UI and great UX. App Screen Gallery Click Here to download the app screens. Thanks for watching.

Microsoft Store App Concept

Click Here to download all app screens. I'll break this project into the following sections: Introduction Project Presentation Video Presentation Project Metadata Deliverables Learnings & Outcomes Testimonials Introduction The following concept presents an app concept that makes it easier for users to buy Microsoft proprietary products using a smartphone application. In short, Microsoft Store App Concept is a dedicated

To-Do App: UX Research and UI Design using Adobe XD

Here's my Latest App Concept: To-Do App. With my Master's Degree, Work as Graduate Assistant and Research, I hardly get time to work on new projects, but when it comes to design, it doesn't feel like work. It feels like having a good time.   You can view the live demo here (give it a

Hello Network Website Redesign Concept

Remember Orkut from last decade? Yep, the social network. Orkut was my introduction to the world of social media and that's how I fell in love with the internet. I used to run an online community called FRIENDS, along with my sister. I loved connecting with people, still do. Well, there's Hello Network now. It's