October 2017

Microsoft Store App Concept

Click Here to download all app screens. I'll break this project into the following sections: Introduction Project Presentation Video Presentation Project Metadata Deliverables Learnings & Outcomes Testimonials Introduction The following concept presents an app concept that makes it easier for users to buy Microsoft proprietary products using a smartphone application. In short, Microsoft Store App Concept is a dedicated

To-Do App: UX Research and UI Design using Adobe XD

Here's my Latest App Concept: To-Do App. With my Master's Degree, Work as Graduate Assistant and Research, I hardly get time to work on new projects, but when it comes to design, it doesn't feel like work. It feels like having a good time.   You can view the live demo here (give it a

Hello Network Website Redesign Concept

Remember Orkut from last decade? Yep, the social network. Orkut was my introduction to the world of social media and that's how I fell in love with the internet. I used to run an online community called FRIENDS, along with my sister. I loved connecting with people, still do. Well, there's Hello Network now. It's