Piyush Arora

Here's a little bit about me

I am an Interaction Designer at Microsoft working on Cloud + AI Tools. Here's the link to the products I work on:


My background is in Computer Science while I grew up doing a lot of freelance design on the side. A combination of Design + CS background lead me to pursue UX opportunity at Microsoft. I previously attended gradschool at Purdue University majoring in Computer Information Technology and currently attending gradschool at Harvard University majoring in Management while working full time. Prior to Microsoft and grad school, I had a small design and development startup named Fluper in India.

Apart from my work, I enjoy working as an abstract artist. You can see my work here at Parklane Gallery


Curious to know more about me?

I love hearing from people. Shoot me an email: connect@piyusharora.co

You can also reach out to me through the contact form, or social media which I have added below.

Thank you for visiting my website.