This is mostly a Front end of a Back end, a template for Admin Panel or CMS. In this project, I’ve not used any advanced version of Bootstrap, that has better predefined features. I simply used the basic version of Twitter Bootstrap. Hence, may not be the best looking CMS template that you’ve seen. But, the whole idea here is to build a Backend CMS/Admin Template from scratch using Bootstrap.

Main Pages:

Dashboard, Login, Users, Posts, Pages, Edit. Checkout the slideshow below

Main components:

Navbar, Heading Area, Add Page, Add Post, Add User and WYSIWYG editor to add those, Overview Widget, Breadcrumps, Grid system for sidebar and main area, Progress bar for Hosting and Disk Space, Insights, Table with Latest User Registered, and Footer

Since, this is based on Twitter Bootstrap, the whole template is Responsive, and well, that’s the whole purpose of this little project.

Also, the whole project is based on HTMl 5, CSS 3 and a little bit of JS, but there’s not any functionality to it. Maybe, in future I can add Angular.JS functionality to it to make it more functional.

You can see the full demo Here

Here’s the list of all the pages:

You can download the code from Github.

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