Adobe XD or Experience Design allows you to go from wireframe to interactive prototype, from desktop to mobile.

I am going to upload a series of prototypes I’ve worked on as well as some tutorials to how to work with Adobe XD.

I tried Adobe XD when it was initially launched as Adobe Project Comet. I’ve been addicted to it. It’s a great tool for UX/UI Designers to show a working prototype (limited to UIs). That allows the team/investors to get an idea about how the app is going to look like. Once decided, the project can go to the development stage.

The best thing about Adobe XD is that you can preview the app via a remote link, which you’ll see as you read this article, as well as you can also preview the working prototype in your phone. (how cool is that..)

As quoted by

The greatest compliment I can pay to Adobe XD is that it feels like an iPad app, even though it’s made for desktop.

So, here’s the Designer’s Network App Prototype I worked on today. I’m never supposed to launch this app, this is only meant to be for practice.

A couple of Features here to notice.

  1. Signup/Login Screen

      2. Menu and Scrolling

      3. Top Navigation Menu

It took about 5 hours to do this. Here’s the working prototype, Go ahead, click Signup and further: 

Adobe XD also allows you to create a shareable link, so anyone can access it remotely.


I am going to be posting a couple of tutorials in coming weeks to elaborate how this can be done.