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I’ll break this project into the following sections:


Project Presentation

Video Presentation

Project Metadata


Learnings & Outcomes



The following concept presents an app concept that makes it easier for users to buy Microsoft proprietary products using a smartphone application. In short, Microsoft Store App Concept is a dedicated application for Microsoft Products.


Often customers get confused where to buy products from, considering there’s so many options: Amazon, Bestbuy, the brand’s website or an actual physical store. I often get confused what platform to choose. I recently purchased a new laptop, and I had to browse for the best option and visit several stores before making a final decision. Hence, I want to remove the pain of online browsing from 3rd party platforms and bring a one stop solution with a seamless user interface to browse all the products such as Xbox, Game titles, Surface Laptops, Accessories, etc.


Create an app concept that saves time for users and brings a dedicated platform for shopping all Microsoft products at one place.

Targeted Audience:

Core Microsoft user base, Students and professionals, general smartphone users.

Project Presentation

Section 3: Video Presentation

Section 3: Project Metadata

Section 4: Deliverables

Section 5: Learnings & Outcomes

  • I learned about the process of creating an app following the design language and being in sync with other products of the company.
  • The project involved over 50+ screens and over 200+ Interactions, it was a great experience to translate an idea from conception to final prototype.
  • While the whole project was a huge learning experience, I especially loved iterating on designs and receiving feedback from users. It felt good to produce designs with the confidence that users would enjoy and understand it.
  • I enjoyed the UI Design part of the project, especially working with new color combinations that would be appealing to the users.
  • The biggest challenge was with the overall interaction design, considering there are so many screens and how each component on the screen is linked to another one.
  • Since it’s a project that was only meant to be a concept, I was surprised by the feedback I received from the community at Behance. I also got featured by Behance for this project. Most of the feedback talked about the easy to use UI and the color combination I used which made the app very appealing to general users.

This project was featured by Behance for Interaction Design. See the project on Behance.