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I’ll break this project into the following sections:


Project Presentation

Video Presentation

Project Metadata


Learnings & Outcomes



The following concept presents an app concept that makes it easier for users to buy Microsoft proprietary products using a smartphone application. In short, Microsoft Store App Concept is a dedicated application for Microsoft Products.


Often customers get confused where to buy products from, considering there’s so many options: Amazon, Bestbuy, the brand’s website or an actual physical store. I often get confused what platform to choose. I recently purchased a new laptop, and I had to browse for the best option and visit several stores before making a final decision. Hence, I want to remove the pain of online browsing from 3rd party platforms and bring a one stop solution with a seamless user interface to browse all the products such as Xbox, Game titles, Surface Laptops, Accessories, etc.


Create an app concept that saves time for users and brings a dedicated platform for shopping all Microsoft products at one place.

Targeted Audience:

Core Microsoft user base, Students and professionals, general smartphone users.


Project Presentation

Section 3: Video Presentation


Section 3: Project Metadata

Section 4: Deliverables

Section 5: Learnings & Outcomes

  • I learned about the process of creating an app following the design language and being in sync with other products of the company.
  • The project involved over 50+ screens and over 200+ Interactions, it was a great experience to translate an idea from conception to final prototype.
  • While the whole project was a huge learning experience, I especially loved iterating on designs and receiving feedback from users. It felt good to produce designs with the confidence that users would enjoy and understand it.
  • I enjoyed the UI Design part of the project, especially working with new color combinations that would be appealing to the users.
  • The biggest challenge was with the overall interaction design, considering there are so many screens and how each component on the screen is linked to another one.
  • Since it’s a project that was only meant to be a concept, I was surprised by the feedback I received from the community at Behance. I also got featured by Behance for this project. Most of the feedback talked about the easy to use UI and the color combination I used which made the app very appealing to general users.

See the project on Behance.

Section 6: Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from the people I have worked with recently.

Ben Thomas
(VP, KLX Aerospace Solutions)

“Piyush was a fantastic contributor to the KLX Aerospace Solutions team. He was valuable to our organization because he has both excellent technical programming and interactive design skills AND a solid understanding of important e-commerce business concepts. This is a rare combination and it really helped him to be effective.

Piyush is also a very quick learner. He is able to pick up complicated concepts about KLX’s industry and customer behavior and weave that understanding into the design concepts he shared. Piyush not only delivered tangible results that we are able to immediately implement, but he also developed a multi-year road map for our e-commerce site that we will use going forward.

We were fortunate to have Piyush with us for the summer and I recommend Piyush to all companies looking to expand their e-commerce sales initiatives.

Thank you Piyush!”


Lokesh Penikalapati (Global Director, KLX Aerospace Solutions)

“Piyush was with us at KLX this summer as an intern for our ecommerce division. He has reviewed our site and made some recommendations, which in my opinion are really outstanding. While his short and mid term recommendations are centered around our current design and our color palette, the long term recommendation was an absolute beauty. I have never seen a B2B site concept that rich in the recent past. If I have an opportunity I would hire him in heartbeat as a creative designer and information architect.

Job well done Piyush.”


Sam Schofield (Senior Manager, KLX Aerospace Solutions)

“Piyush worked as an intern while at KLX, reporting into my eCommerce team. I have nothing but great things to say about our short ten weeks together. Piyush conducted himself with the utmost professionalism. He presented cutting edge design concepts, often viewed as the newest best practices. He also brought with him a wide-array of eCommerce knowledge that included SEO, back-end coding, and customer-facing functionality. He was able to utilize his skill-set to turn around projects quickly, while simultaneously making it easier for our I.T. department to do whatever coding was needed on their end. In short, it was sad to see this internship end. Piyush would be an asset to virtually any organization with a digital strategy.”


Evelyn Veras  (Ecommerce Manager, KLX Aerospace Solutions)

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Piyush during the Summer of 2017 at KLX Aerospace Solutions in Miami. Piyush is a very talented and driven individual. He brings new ideas and design concepts that are top-quality, customer centric, refreshing and always impressive! He is very easy going and a pleasure to work with. I am sure that Piyush will excel where-ever he lands.”


Christina Suarez (Social Media & Marketing Professional)

 “Piyush brings with him a wide variety of skill-sets and is a pleasure to work with. One of the best things about Piyush is that he consistently goes beyond exceeding expectations when delivering for the tasks assigned to him. He is extremely creative and never fails to bring fresh ideas to the table. It was truly a pleasure working with him at KLX this summer — I am sure he will be an asset wherever he lands!”