How do you gain people skills?

The Key to gain People skill is to Be an empathic listener. Just a few weeks back, I was on a train and there was a restaurant in the train itself, where to have a meal, you are seated with other people due to limited seats inside the restaurant. I sat with a family. Now,

A Simple Ping Pong Game made with Vanilla JS

Here's a new little project I was working on, just for learning purposes. The project is Purely HTML based and Javascript based. It doesn't use any external frameworks such as Angular or React. It simply uses plain vanilla Javascript. Here's the Full Demo: JS-Pong You can view the full source code on Github.

Data Analysis and Sentiment Analysis of US Elections 2016

Data Analysis and Sentiment Analysis of US Elections 2016 This is a python based project. Let's get into how to run this. First you need to have all the basic necessary libraries installed. (Rest can be installed once you run the files, the terminal will tell you the missing libraries) How this project works? Open

Moving on from Evernote, forever.

Today, I finally moved on from Evernote, forever. But, after giving it so many chances and letting it go of things that I shouldn't even have in the first place, I give up. Evernote screwed up Badly.